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Communications always fascinated me.  Being able to speak freely around the world, to friends and to strangers without barriers drove my choice for education, of hobby and of career.  


I worked to bring cheaper, better communications to normal people, and changed regulation and used technology to achieve this.  Always questioning why things were done the way they were.  Even changing value chains as the internet improved, and intermediaries became less useful.


I have spent more than a decade in early stage investing – watching how people change the way they work and live, and their expectations to the way companies interact.


Consumers today expect transparency, immediacy and accessibility to all the things we use in our daily life.  We expect accountability and transparency from our suppliers and partners.   And as a supplier, we need to adapt and learn how to change the organisations where we work to reflect a value driven, diverse work force.  

Many of these changes are enabled by technology, but technology with a purpose.  Advanced and accessible, yet also respecting the needs for business to be profitable and sustainable.  Competitive and adaptive to bring faster changes to market


I have selected a small number of excellent companies to work with.  Companies that have embraced and demonstrated the need to change to reflect the needs and values of today’s consumer, companies where I believe I can add a dimension to the leadership team that goes beyond the tactical issues of the next monthly target. 


Yet we must remain with our feet on the ground. We need to have a good business today to have a better business tomorrow.







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