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Continuing through Crypto

I got the crypto bug by mistake.  On the train from the airport, I met a friend.  He was on the way to a 2013 Bitcoin meetup. I was curious, and joined him, and ended up on stage, talking about my experiences building a global distributed network, illegal in many countries using fantastic technology and with a skilled dedicated, distributed team – Skype was a product that would change the way we communicated for ever.  There was so much in common with this, and with the early days of the Internet.  A naivety, but a belief that the future of finance would be driven by a global digital currency.  I fell in love.


I have always been passionate about the digital economy’s power to fundamentally change value chains, eliminate inefficiencies, and redistribute wealth. Michael is a strategic advisor across top companies including, popular protocols, and European crypto funds. Michael’s multi-decade career as an engineer turned operator has enabled him to be a critical conduit between the old and new financial worlds, serving as the only executive to be on the board of both a traditional bank and a crypto bank. An early crypto evangelist, Michael developed one of the first NFTs “Wen Lambo” which was recently on display at Christie’s. When he's not in pursuit of the ideal use case for blockchain technology, he’s developing governance for new cryptos and helping teams build viable businesses for this new financial system. 







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